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The dirty trio that broke the ADMK-BJP Alliance

The dirty trio that broke the ADMK-BJP Alliance

What is Delhi's game plan ? What is the role of Gurumurthy in the current mess in ADMK - BJP Alliance

The uneasy relationship between ADMK and BJP has almost come to an end. Highly placed sources in ADMK say, the party high command has decided enough is enough. There is no point being subservient to BJP anymore. This is the unanimous call taken by party seniors which echoes the view point of party General Secretary Edappadi Palanisamy also.

EPS last week went to Delhi urgently and met Home Minister Amit Shah. The meeting lasted 30 minutes. Though senior leader SP Velumani accompanied EPS, the meeting was only between EPS and Amit Shah. Though nothing official was revealed about the meeting by either side, a tall demand of 20 seats was placed by BJP according to sources. The final number that was given to EPS was 15. He was also told in no uncertain terms that, TTV Dinakaran, Sasikala and O. Panneerselvam should be accommodated. EPS grimly left the meeting.

The AIADMK is a dominant party in Tamil Nadu. BJP, knowing its limitations has always toed the line of ADMK. After the demise of Jayalalitha, when ADMK was split and facing leadership crisis, the BJP leadership tried to run ADMK by instigating one faction against another. After a lot of legal battles, Edappadi Palanisamy emerged as leader and his arch rival last steam.

TN BJP leader Annamalai, who was appointed as TN President in July 2021 ruffled many feathers not only in his party but also in the alliance. Annamalai who has the full backing of the party high command, has managed to sideline the old guards in TN BJP. The old guards who tried to cut Annamalai down to size had to declare truce, as their complaints to Delhi against Annamalai fell in deaf ears.

Annamalai never hesitated to pull a punch on his alliance partner. When Annamalai released corruption charges against DMK in April 2023, many were surprised when Annamalai said he will release corruption files of ADMK too. When releasing the corruption files, Annamalai also said, he won’t mind contesting alone in the upcoming polls. He also said he will insist on the high command about the benefits of BJP leading the alliance in Tamil Nadu.

Even before this incident, Annamalai rubbed the ADMK high command on the wrong side by not offering BJP’s support to the Erode East bi-election. Annamalai allowed the impression that he is backing a faction of ADMK - OPS to linger on much to the chagrin of EPS. OPS even declared that he will get the support of BJP and he will put up a candidate. The Election Commission which stepped in, settled the issue and allotted the symbol to EPS’s ADMK. Finally, on the last day for withdrawal of nomination, TN BJP President Annamalai offered his support to the ADMK candidate.

A lot has transpired between the meeting of EPS and the crossing of swords by the two parties.

O. Panneerselvam and TTV Dinakaran are looking at bleak political fortunes. They have nowhere to go. Similarly, Annamalai, TN BJP President wants a way out of the current mess he is in.

He knows for certain that BJP is not going to win any seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. With the entire state unit up in arms against him, they won’t back him for a second term which will witness Assembly polls. Annamalai wants to make it big in the Assembly. He has Deputy Chief Minister ambitions. A sabotage coupled with some horse trading will ensure the ADMK doesn’t get a majority and depend on the BJP for support. That is the time to pursue his Deputy Chief Minister ambitions, dreams Annamalai.

The futureless duo TTV and OPS want to snub their bete noire Edappadi Palanisamy. Making EPS eat humble pie will be a sweet revenge for them.

Immediately following Amit Shah’s meeting with EPS, Annamalai swung into action. He went all guns blazing. He issued an open threat. “Everyone needs protection. There is DVAC, Anti Corruption Agency in Tamil Nadu. Everyone needs protection”, he reiterated.

This is an open threat. No political party that wants to have an alliance will speak these words. Certain words never heal. Guided by the self styled Chanakya of TN politics Gurumurthy, Annamalai did the unthinkable.

What the dirty trio of Annamalai, OPS and Gurumurthy failed to gauge was the reaction of ADMK to the threat. BJP’s moles inside the ADMK did assure them that EPS can be convinced to cow down to BJP citing cases. But, the traction the severance of ties between the parties brought in social media and in the ground, dawned on ADMK leaders. EPS gave the war cry. It was free for all. ADMK IT wing was let loose. The only instruction was “Give a befitting reply”.

ADMK Spokesperson Jayakumar was given clear instructions. “Clarify that severance of ties is not anyone’s personal decision, but the collective decision of party”.

DMK through state Intelligence, which is also kept in the loop did not expect the reaction of ADMK.

The grave mistake that the dirty trio and DMK made was, underestimating the strength of ADMK and the mettle of Edappadi Palanisamy. A canny politician, Edappadi Palanisamy brought around the party. He understood the pulse. He decided to take on.

It’s a win win situation for EPS. If the alliance broke, there is a possibility of joining hands with Congress. ADMK will be a natural ally for Congress which won’t give it uncomfortable moments with Sanathana. Further the unpopularity of the DMK government is a luggage that the Congress has to carry.

Left and VCK will follow suit. What will Annamalai do ? What is the game plan of the Dirty Trio ?

BJP, PMK, DMDK, Kongu, Puthiya Tamilagam, John Pandian, Devanadan Yadav, AC Shanmugam and sundry. On paper, at least this looks a solid combine. Unfortunately, this alliance will carry Modi’s image which is suicidal in Tamil Nadu. But, as per Annamalai’s calculations, if he leads the alliance and crosses double digit, say 15%, he cannot be changed from the president post.

The campaign for Assembly polls will be led by him. If he wins a few seats and ensures ADMK forms a minority government means, Deputy Chief Minister post is not far away. There will of course be an understanding with DMK also. This doesn’t mean, there is no understanding now. Of course, DMK is operating Annamalai through OPS to whom Annamalai owes.
So what will Edappadi Palanisamy do ?

This is his moment of glory. Teach a befitting lesson to a national party like BJP and emerge as a hero. He is making his moves carefully. He has decided to milk this god sent scenario. His first move, quell any whiff of rebellion. Recall SP Velumani’s words in a public meeting yesterday.

“Edappadi brother is our only leader. If he says jump into a well, we will”.

All is Well.


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